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Stockbridge Carpets was established in 1975 by Barrie and Vanda Stockbridge, they had a very successful career in supplying quality flooring to the local community as well as contractors.

Alan took over the showroom in 2009 having had a long career in the carpet trade gaining experience in operating his own retail showroom in Westerham, managing stores, working for wholesalers and fitting of flooring.

Rebecca, Alan’s eldest daughter joined him in Westerham in 2008, helping with the administration and also welcoming customers and advising on the best flooring that would suit their requirements, this initiated her career in the carpet trade.

In 2010 Alan's youngest daughter Hannah became a member of the team, she was keen to gain experience in the carpet trade and thought her enthusiasm would make a great addition to this now fully family run team. She was also delighted at the thought of working with her Dad and sister.

Alan announced his semi retirement in 2012 so Hannah and Rebecca seized the opportunity to take over the reins. In 2019 Rebecca decided to pursue other ventures and Alan fully retired. Hannah has continued to grow the business and just thrives on meeting new and old customers, she is now the sole proprietor of Stockbridge Carpets and continues to offer the same services by appointment only.

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